開発 Continuous innovation in R&D



EPON has been doing product creation and innovation for over 40 years. As a leading golf brand, we care about people and everything what you looking for. EPON R&D team is always pushing the limits to create high-performance golf equipment. Continuously developing and enhancing the processes of master grind, CAD design and testing prototype is our commitment.

 一貫生産 Precision & Quality Control



EPON adheres to precision and high-quality golf products for users. We are the only golf company in the world with in-house production ability. We are proud of providing well-controlled and high-grade precision golf clubs for you.

製品精度 Pursuit of excellence



The core value of EPON is to pursuit of excellence. We believe that a better process will result a better quality. Pursuing of excellence in innovation, performance, precision and quality is always our unwavering commitment.